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Lexi is all Wright!

By Francesca Mancuso, 10/16/20, 6:00PM EDT


Lexi Wright Article 

“And that’s 1,000, folks!1,000 points for Lexi Wright!” The bleachers of Berne-Knox- Westerlo High School erupt as Lexi’s basketball drops into the basket as she reaches her achievement of 1,000 points. “Wow! Wow! Wow! Only a SOPHOMORE and she’s got 1,000 points under her belt. How do you top that?!” 

Lexi Wright is a rising Junior at Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School in Albany County, NY. Unlike most girls at her high school, Lexi has been playing on the Varsity team since 8th grade. Lexi also plays for her AAU team, City Rocks. On both teams she plays forward and wing. Full of passion and determination, Lexi Wright has stopped at nothing to achieve her lifelong goal of playing college basketball. 

“Basketball is really important to me” she expresses when asked about the importance of basketball in her life. “Its been part of my life since I was a little kid. My whole family is involved. My dad played in high school, and he pushed me to play. But even though both him and my mom encouraged me to play, it was me who wanted to do it. It was my love of the game.” 

But her love of the game is not the only reason she has become the player she is today. “She has incredible work ethic” her father gushes. “She works three jobs, she’s always on the go. It’s the drive and work ethic that’s made her both the person and player she is today.” 

That work ethic has helped her play at many basketball camps including: Vassar Camp, Siena Camp, and the camp at the University of St. Rose. Through these camps and her 24/7 dedication, she has had looks from colleges including: Assumption University, Lincoln Memorial University, and Fordham University. 

Although she has received some bites from universities, Lexi, along with many other athletes, has had to fight quite the battle to receive attention from schools. 

“Covid has made it difficult because theres significantly less opportunities” she admits. “I would’ve gone to a lot of tournaments where there’s a lot more face to face time with coaches. Now I had to switch to doing everything online and communicating virtually as opposed to in person.” 

Although this time may be incredibly difficult, Lexi has been able to find the positives in a time of hardship. “To keep fit I train a lot. My coach has a private gym so I’ve been working out there. I also work with my trainer outside. I’ve been running a lot and working out with my mom.” Her work ethic continues to shine through as she trains and pushes herself, with or without a coach. But not only is she hard working, determined, and passionate, Lexi is a well- rounded person. When she’s not playing basketball she enjoys horseback riding, being outdoors, hanging out with friends, spending time with her family, and playing soccer. 

When asked about the kind of person and player Wright is; her coach, Tom Galvin, couldn't thing of anything but positive things to say about her. “Lexi has the total package for basketball-big and strong, can handle and shoot, rebounds, defends and can play the 1-5! More importantly she has the total package as a person-smart, works hard, good grades and always looking to get better. she is a bit under the radar now but eta will change quickly! Once in a lifetime player that I have coached in my 26 years.” 

But basketball doesn’t only require physical agility. Basketball requires a keen mind-one that is always one step ahead of the game. One must be focused and listening to their teammates and the players around them. 

“People often think it’s only about the people that score” Lexi explains when discussing the mental agility that basketball requires. “There’s a lot more that goes into a play than just who scores. You need good screens and cuts. You always have to be moving fast up and down the court. It’s more than just fancy moves and scoring. People have to make sure that the people scoring are open. There’s so much more to it that people often don’t realize”. 

Ferocious and ready to jump back into her season, Lexi Wright has her eyes on the prize. Scoring 1,000 points as a sophomore, Lexi is only beginning her journey with basketball. The world better watch out, because Lexi Wright is on fire. 

Francesca Mancuso